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Atomic Wedgie:

Despite what cartoons might make you think, one hard pull does not an Atomic Wedgie make. To get the back of the underwear to stretch from the butt all the way to the head depends on the material the underwear is made out of and requires continuously pulling on the fabric to stretch it out but not enough to rip it.

Grabbing at the waistband will most likely end up in the waistband being ripped off from the rest of the underwear, if you want a non-ripped over-the-head Atomic Wedgie you’ll need to go for the leg holes. Stretching the leg holes as high as they can go means the fabric attached to the waistband gets put under less strain and is less likely to rip apart.

Atomic Wedgie tips for selfers: If you feel like your forehead needs to be acquainted with the ‘Tuesday’ written on the back of your waistband you’re going to need to receive a couple of wedgies first. A Hanging Wedgie could work but there is always the chance of the underwear breaking unexpectedly. Every pair of underwear has its breaking point but types like the Jock Lock Wedgie, Propeller Wedgie, or even the Normal Wedgie are more ideal.

The Jock Lock Wedgie will put a good amount of strain on the leg holes and you can kick to help the process. For a Propeller Wedgie just crank it a few times to twist the leg holes tightly then tug. You can leave both of these in while watching T.V. or using the computer to pass the time (laying whatever you used for the Propeller Wedgie across the armrest of a chair if you have one). When you think the leg holes are stretched out enough and you go to give yourself your Atomic Wedgie try doing it standing up and laying down, people have done it both ways  and it’s possible one would work better for you than the other.

Bouncing Wedgie (aka Kangaroo Wedgie):

Sort of like the machine-gun of wedgies the Bouncing Wedgie is great for giving undie-burn to your victim’s butthole. The key to giving a successful Bouncing Wedgie is height, lifting your victim off the ground so each bounce is like landing in a Hanging Wedgie. Depending on your height and upper body strength you may just need to resort to jumping up and down, this gets the same effect minus your victim looking like they’re trying to fly.

The easiest victim is going to be small and light weight, most likely this means you being an evil older brother or sister stretching out your younger sibling’s Sesame Street underwear 1O sizes too big. If you have the strength minus the height just stand on a table or a chair. If you lack the strength then your only hope is to jump or to get the aid of a friend, both taking a leg hole and lifting.

Bouncing Wedgie tips for selfers: There really isn’t any way to easily or safely do this for a selfer. The two best methods are buying specific industrial strips of rubber or trampoline springs. The downside of the rubber is cost and shipping and the downside of the springs is unreliability. The springs only have ‘C’ shaped hooks so when you bounce on them there is the chance they will lose the grip on whatever they are holding on to and recoil to you leaving gashes in your skin that could require stitches.

The biggest danger of giving yourself a Bouncing Wedgie is lack of control. Similar to Hanging Wedgies, Bouncing Wedgies could end with you flipping, the repeated drops could break whatever you are hanging by and let you fall head first into the ground. Bouncing Wedgies should be left as a group wedgie in case the victim gets hurt there are other people there to help out.

Bra-Connection Wedgie:

A good choice for a female selfer that wants a constant wedgie while lying around the house. If you’re looking to give someone a Bra-Connection Wedgie it is easiest when the victim is lying face down on the floor to help hold the bra in place, plus you can use your legs to hold their arms down. Another tip is to put your wrists through the leg holes and take each side of the bra (left hand, left leg hole, left side of the bra). Make sure the girl you’re doing this to is a very close friend, unhooking the bra of a girl you don’t know well is a quick way to get you labeled a sex offender.

Bra-Connection tips for selfers: Giving yourself a Bra-Connection Wedgie can be difficult on the first try. To help make it easier use a pair of underwear that will hug your waist and stay up after it has been pulled, decreasing the distance between the bra-straps and the leg holes. If you still have trouble try putting one hand through your leg holes and pulling the opposite side of the strap through (e.g. using your left hand to pull the right side of your bra strap through the leg holes). This is easiest to do with a thong rather than bikini styled underwear.

Chew Toy Wedgie:

A great way to tire your dog out and give someone a mean wedgie at the same time. This works best with bigger and younger dogs with more strength and energy. For the best effect make sure the victim is on their hands and knees with the chew toy attached to their underwear and laying in front of them. This way when the dog pulls it will be pulling the underwear up the victim’s back. The other way is to have the victim sit on the floor facing away from the dog, depending on the dog the victim could end up getting a Dragging Wedgie. Attaching the chew toy to the victim’s underwear and letting it drag behind them as they walk around will most likely end up with the dog pantsing the victim.

Chew Toy Wedgie tips for selfers: If you find yourself with a big dog, a chew toy, a leash, and a craving for a wedgie then you’re in luck. There are only two problems with this wedgie both having to do with the dog. First, the dog might be confused by what is going on having no idea why you’ve attached a rope to their favorite chew toy. If this is the case try playing with your dog to get it riled up, once the dog is bouncing off the walls try attaching the toy to your underwear and shaking it back and forth to get the dog’s attention.

The second problem is not being able to tell the dog to stop. Depending on your size and the size of the dog you could end up completely at the mercy of your pet, being dragged around the house until it gets tired. You’re probably saying ‘Why would I want to stop this awesome wedgie?’, there’s a few reasons: you brush against something sharp and begin to bleed, a table could be hit and a lamp could fall over and break, and you could hear your parents coming home. This second part is completely up to you to handle, training your dog to ‘Let go’ or ‘Drop it’ on command.

Doorknob Wedgie:

A bit difficult to pull off smoothly unless you completely overpower the victim (younger sibling or weak friend). The Doorknob Wedgie can be a cruel way to torment your victim and entertaining to anyone with their underwear not digging up their butt. The key to dishing out this wedgie is to make sure the underwear gets pulled through the door first. If you hook the underwear onto the doorknob and leave the door open it will most likely fail unless your victim is young or short enough to be pulled onto their toes.

The best time to do this is when your target is right in front of the door frame, when you grab onto their underwear give them a slight push so they’re out of the way and the door can close completely. Make sure the underwear is above the doorknob so it does not jam, quickly close the door and lock it or plant your foot at the bottom.

Door Knob Wedgie tips for selfers: Locate the lock on the doorknob first. If the lock is a button at the base of the handle then use your waistband instead of your leg holes, if the lock is a button at the tip of the knob then use your leg holes, if there is no lock then use whatever method you want. Also make sure you can open and close the door first without it locking before you try this wedgie. The last thing you want to happen is to succeed in hooking your underwear to the doorknob then having it lock leaving you there for your parents to find.

Frosty Wedgie:

This wedgie is easy to do but putting on frozen underwear can be difficult. Once it is frozen the underwear will be stiff as a board. A good idea is to get the underwear wet then put it on the outside of a bowl so it freezes in a dome shape which will be easier to put on. Make sure the bowl does not have decorations on the outside because the frozen underwear could peel it off! You will need to pry the underwear off the bowl, if you can’t do it with your hands try soaking the blade of a non-sharp knife (don’t stab yourself) in hot water for a minute to warm the metal. This should get you a result similar to the saying ‘a hot knife through butter’. If all else fails just run a blow-dryer across it for a minute, this will melt some of the ice but the fabric will be easier to work with.

Hanging Wedgie:

One of the most famous of the wedgies, and most painful, the hanging wedgie is one of the best ways to leave your victim helpless and humiliated. In movies and cartoons it appears that the waistband is the method typically used to hang someone by. This can work but chances are that the elastic waistband will be ripped from the fabric (like the Atomic Wedgie) or if you hang the victim on a coat rack the hooks are very likely to rip through the fabric.

The best method is to hang your victim by their leg holes. Placing a hook, belt, rope, or fence posts through the leg holes means nothing sharp will rip through the fabric. This leaves only three options of escape for the victim: having someone let them down, having the hook/rope/ect that they are hanging on break, or having gravity pull on their legs enough to make the underwear rip completely. Note that depending on how the victim is hung once the underwear rips the waistband could get caught and choke the victim, the best hanging methods involve anything like rope, hook, or bar that can be run through both leg holes so that when the underwear  rips the victim simply falls.

Hanging Wedgie tips for selfers: If you feel like you spend too much time touching the ground and not enough time suspended by your undies all you need is three things: a pair of underwear, a place to hang, and a way to hang yourself. For underwear any kind of brief style will work best and being able to stretch the underwear will help. A thong can work but it’s very likely to break and the thin line of fabric can really burn. Speaking of burning, the Hanging Wedgie is such a fundamental wedgie that it is practically a must try in the wedgie community. The problem for selfers is that it can be pretty painful so here’s a few tips that should help you out:
  • For your first attempt make sure you have something to stand on. This way you can get out quickly and can lower yourself down at your own pace
  • If your hips hurt because of elastic digging into the skin try putting a sock on each hip to act as a cushion
  • If the pain is in your butt then try wearing two pairs of underwear, use the outer pair for the hanging and let the inner pair be a pain obstructing layer

There are many ways to hang yourself by your underwear (hooks, rope, belts, bars, tennis balls, locks, ect.), the method you use completely depends on the place that you can hang yourself from. Finding a place is typically what stumps people the most. Fences and trees are usually first thoughts but there is a high chance of you getting caught by people. Coat hooks and coat racks are great but they can break if you aren’t careful. Bunk beds are nice but some styles give you too many places to stand on and this can ruin the idea of being helpless. It’s best to know a variety of ways to hang yourself so that you can you can get creative with hanging spots.
  • Coat Hook- One of the more classical hanging techniques. This usually consists of two hooks, one going in each leg hole, that are attached to the wall. One problem is that the hooks could catch the waistband, this isn’t too bad considering coat hooks aren’t normally very high off the ground. The biggest downside is that the hooks could rip from the wall meaning you’ll need to explain why or even pay to have them replaced. Depending on your weight and what material the wall is made out of, coat hooks can be a very nice spot to hang.
  • Fence- There are three types of fences: the classic wooden picket fence, the chain-link fence usually found at schools or sports fields, and the metal bar fence that you can see in the viral ‘Soundwave Wedgie Girl’ video. Rope, belts, hooks, pretty much anything can be used in combination with any of these fences (some work better than others).

    Picket fences are typical around suburban homes and can be tall or short. If you decide to hang on the side without horizontal boards then know that this is very difficult to get out of and you risk getting caught by someone. Another downside is the possibility of splinters in your butt, if you have the ability to try putting something between you and the wood (cardboard can easily be obtained and taped up where your butt will be).

    Chain-link fences have many opportunities if you’re brave enough to go into public and find one. Because of the many holes and strength of the metal you can easily use hooks, belts, rope, tennis ball (see below), or bar (can range from a small pipe to even a Maglite). You can even let the points along the top catch you or toss your waistband over the post. Climbing a chain-link fence can be difficult, shoes won’t fit in the holes and the small metal wires are torture on bare feet. If you have trouble climbing this fence try looping a belt or rope through a few of the links to create a step ( ).

    The Bar fence is rather new and mostly seen around new housing areas. You probably won’t be hanging on this fence but if you do the best way is to use belts or rope to thread through your leg holes and wrap around the bars extending out the top. Another good idea is to thread a straight object (field hockey stick, pipe, ect.) through your leg holes then put it on the other side of the bar sticking out of the top. These ways are safest because when the underwear rips and you fall nothing will catch the waistband.
  • Flagpole- Very rare even in comedy movies. Some flag poles today have a lock on them to prevent people from messing with the flags. If you do happen to get the chance at this God-like wedgie make sure you don’t go to high, the ground around a flagpole is usually concrete.
  • Tennis ball- Not a well-known method even by wedgie enthusiast. It is an oddball tactic that sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Even worse is that it can be very difficult to get into. For this all you need is a tennis ball and a fence (chain-link works best). You thread the back of your waistband through the hole in the fence and place the tennis ball in the ‘hoop’ that this makes in your underwear. When you drop your underwear should hug the ball and the ball shouldn’t be able to go through the hole onto your side. It’s easiest to do at the top or side of a chain-link fence but can also be done using a small gap at the top of a picket fence, a door, or a filing cabinet.
  • Belts- Belts, along with rope, are the most common method for hanging. Some belts are cheaply made while others are more heavy duty. Depending on the material the belt is made of it could last you a long time. Leather can crease and quickly snap while a thick fabric belt (like one that comes with some of young men’s shorts and jeans) will last much longer. Like mentioned before it’s best to have the belt go through each leg hole instead of including the waistband.
  • Rope- Just like belts but much longer and sturdier. A good way to increase the strength and decrease length if you have too much is to tie the ends of the rope together using a square knot, this will make the rope into a loop. The next part can be difficult if you have a lot of rope: twist the loop so it resembles an ‘8’ then fold it in half to make a ‘0’ this will give you two lengths of rope for strength though they will be smaller. Continue doing this until you have the size of rope that you want (the end result will be coiled rope).

    You can now toss the loop over a beam or something similar then thread one side through the other ( ). This will give you a loop to attach your underwear to. An even better idea is to do the same thing except use the fabric between your leg holes rather than a beam, thus tying the rope to your underwear. Doing this will give you a loop to toss onto posts or hooks to hang from.
  • Locks- Locks aren’t the best method for giving yourself a Hanging Wedgie. It’s difficult to get out of unless you have something to stand on or a pair of scissors. The best place to do this is on a chain-link fence. An idea if the lock has a key, is to fill an ice tray or cup with water then place the key inside it after that place the ice try or cup in the freezer and wait for the water to freeze. Keep the ice-cube-key within reach, now you’re forced to wait for the ice to melt before you can release yourself. This is a little risky due to the vulnerability you put yourself in, if something goes wrong (parents come home, you hurt yourself) you’re stuck until you melt the ice. Use this technique with caution.
  • Bars- Bars are best when you find yourself with a ‘U’ shaped area to hang from. Most likely this will mean fences and possible bunk beds. Just run the bar through both of your leg holes then place the bar behind the two vertical objects you’ve chosen. This doesn’t force the seat of your underwear to bunch and can give you a better way to sit.

Messy Wedgie:

This wedgie does more than ruining the underwear and embarrassing the victim, it also means they have the nasty task of cleaning their food from their butt once you let them go. The best materials you can use should be ones that don’t get your hands dirty, this mostly includes food on plates, in bowls, in cups, in cans, or in tubes. An ideal time to deliver a Messy Wedgie is when your target is wearing pants with an elastic waistband (pajama pants, sweatpants, or leggings). Unlike jeans that don’t stretch these other types of pants allow you to grab the waistband of both the underwear and bottoms and pull back to create a ‘bowl’ that you can dump the material into.

Obviously the choice of messy substance matters a great deal with this wedgie, there’s a few things to think about before you act. If the substance is too watery it will simple soak through the fabric, likewise anything to soild won’t squish. Know if the victim has any allergies, the last thing you want is to jam peanut butter into your best friend’s butt crack and have them swell up like a balloon. The floor also matters, carpet will stain easily and wood could become sticky.

Messy Wedgie tips for selfers: Sooner or later in your wedgie giving career you’ll be overcome with curiosity of what is so bad about the Messy Wedgie. The Messy Wedgie has even more varieties than the Hanging Wedgie making it a very flexible adversary. The first thing you’ll need to do is find a place to execute this wedgie, the most ideal places are either outside or in the bathtub. The bathtub has a slick surface than can be easily cleaned with a few paper towels. Next you’ll need to find a substance to put in your underwear. This should be something that you have a lot of in stock and won’t be missed. Most people choose things like ketchup, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, or leftovers from dinner or a party.

This wedgie is obviously going to be very messy and time consuming with clean up so planning ahead is key. You’ll want to keep the mess in two places: your underwear and the bathtub. This is not as easy as it sounds and you will almost always end up with stuff on your legs, midriff, and hands. To decrease the mess as much as you can it’s best to do this wedgie in only your underwear so you don’t get a smear on your shirt that you miss which will spread to anything it touches. Whatever you put in your underwear will easily get on your hands which will spread to doorknobs and tables if you have to leave the room.

If you take a walk through your house then a trail of debris will form no matter how tightly you clench your butt cheeks. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels to get the majority of the mess before it spreads. If you have everything you need for the wedgie within reach of the tub then go all out with the wedgie. This most likely won’t be one that you do very often so get creative and enjoy yourself.

Once you’ve had your fun wallowing around in your filthy underwear clean up with paper towels. Don’t turn on the water or the pipes could get clogged. Wipe the tub, your underwear, and yourself off as best as you can by getting the biggest pieces of the substance you used. This would be a great time to take a shower and let the water and soap wash off any sticky areas you couldn’t get before. Wash your underwear out as well using the water to break up whatever substance you used. The smell may not come out but it should look clean enough, if you’re paranoid about your parents washing the underwear then take it in the shower with you a few more times.

Propeller Wedgie:

Ever seen a movie or cartoon where someone grows 1O times their size in a matter of seconds? This is pretty much what their underwear would feel like in real life. The Propeller Wedgie isn’t that difficult to give, the only warning would be that if you are giving this to a guy then be careful the underwear doesn’t begin to squeeze his testicles.

Propeller Wedgie tips for selfers: This wedgie isn’t hard to give to yourself. One idea would be to give yourself a Propeller Wedgie then sit in a chair with the rod you used laying across the armrest (or placing the rod through the back of the chair if you can). This will give a pretty decent pull and keep you entertained as you surf the web or watch T.V.

Squeaky Clean Wedgie:

While some people call thongs ‘butt floss’ this wedgie literally does floss the victim’s butt. It’s a devastating wedgie that will have the victim in tears within a few pulls if done right. It’s best to do this when the victim is wearing pants so the underwear stays lodged in the butt crack and front area. This wedgie does host one of the biggest dangers: severe damage to the victim’s groin. Depending on the sex of your victim the front of the underwear could crush his testicles or rub the inside of her vagina the wrong way. Take it slow and let go at the first sign of serious damage. Taking this wedgie too far can easily end in a trip to the emergency room.

Squeaky Clean Wedgie tips for selfers: If you feel like there’s something lodged between your butt cheeks and you need to get it out the Squeaky Clean Wedgie is the wedgie for you! It is simply a front or back wedgie followed by the opposite. If you’re looking for a more extreme pull try giving yourself a Dangling Wedgie from the back so your feet are on the ground and your underwear is attached to something. Now grab the front of your underwear and pull up as hard as you can, slowly raise onto your tiptoes at the same time. Once you’ve pulled as high as you want slowly drop down again while keeping the front of your underwear taut.

Wedgie Swing:

For most people swinging on a swing was a common activity in our childhood, it’s so simple yet could entertain us for hours. Chances are you attempted jumping off a couple of times and chances are you ended up with your shirt caught on the chain. The Wedgie Swing most likely won’t happen by accident so you’ll have to be the one to make it happen. If the swing doesn’t have ‘S’ shaped hooks attaching the seat to the chains or ropes holding it up then you can always use a bar through the leg holes. Make sure your victim is high enough from that ground so that if they fall forward they won’t hit their head.

Wedgie Swing tips for selfers: Unless you have a gigantic house that can hold a swing inside it more than likely you will be doing this wedgie outside. With any wedgie dealing with being outside there’s always the chance of someone seeing you. To raise the stakes this is also a very technological age where everyone has a mini computer in their pocket that can take very clear pictures and upload them to the web instantly. If you do find yourself in a position to get yourself into a Wedgie Swing here’s a few things to think about:
  • This wedgie is easy to get out of if you can do just one pull up. When you want out just grab the chains or ropes and hoist yourself onto the seat to unhook your underwear.
  • Try to face yourself towards any roads, parking lots, or sidewalks so that the moment someone comes into view you can lift yourself up.
  • Don’t try swinging then jumping off on your first try. When you’re just starting off you should lower yourself down while not moving then kick your legs like you would normally swinging.
  • Test the height of the swing first. If it isn’t high enough then toss the swing around the main beam a few times.

Wedgie Cuffed:

The idea of this wedgie is cute but it is short lived. If you do manage to get your victim Wedgie Cuffed then they will most likely only give themselves one or two wedgies before figuring out that pulling is a bad thing. Once they begin trying to slip their wrist through their binds it’s time for you to step up behind them and do the wedging. From here you can administer almost every wedgie on the list, some of the best would be: the Atomic Wedgie, the Bouncing Wedgie, the Bra-Connection Wedgie, the Copy Wedgie, the Jock Lock Wedgie (it would become a Hogtied Wedgie), or the Pantsing Wedgie. An alternative way to administer this wedgie would be to thread rope through the leg holes of the victim, pull their arms over their head, then tied the rope to their wrist. Whichever way you try remember that the victim’s hands are bound so if they fall they will not be able to catch themselves properly. It’s up to you to keep them up.

Wedgie Hug:

An easily administered wedgie especially to friends and family because you’re probably trading hugs all the time. It’s best to know that the person you’re going to wedgie is actually wearing underwear first. Not many people go commando but if you are unlucky enough to find out your target is one of the few not wearing underwear it can make for a very awkward situation. Just as well make sure this wouldn’t be awkward, if you’re not the kind of person that would do this or your target can’t take a joke then abort the mission. The last thing you want to happen at the family reunion is to make a scene because your cousin freaked out over you putting your hands down their pants.

Also, make sure the hug is a decent two handed embrace because that is when you have the clearest and longest chance to grab onto your target’s underwear. If the hug turns out to be a quick one-armed squeeze then let your target go, the timing is too short and depending on the angle it can just look plain weird. If you miss your chance don’t go for it again too soon. You’ll look suspicious if suddenly you’re hugging your best friend for the tenth time in five minutes and feeling up their lower back each time.

If your target continuously hugs you then it is possible to give it another go. One last thing to consider, if your target has a special other (husband, wife, fiancé, boy/girlfriend) then there is the chance that they could take offense to you putting your hands down their partner’s pants. It’s best to do this to single people.

Wedgie Hug tips for selfers:  If you’re confident in your wedgie trapping abilities and attempt the Wedgie Hug then there is the chance your victim could wedgie you back. There is no surefire way this will happen except to make yourself an easier target by letting your underwear show. With any luck when you put your plan into action and dish out a surprise Wedgie Hug your victim might want to retaliate.

The best place to do this would be when you yourself are alone and the person comes up to greet you. If you’re in another room playing video games, watching T.V., or shooting pool away from everyone else then the target might not feel so embarrassed when you first pull. In private your target might be more willing to ‘let their hair down’ and give your underwear a solid yank. Just like with giving, if you miss your chance don’t try and force it to happen.

Wedgie Locked:

This is more of a super permanent wedgie because with combination and pad locks if you pull down on them they won’t be able to unlock properly (if at all). If you’re hanging your victim up with a Wedgie Lock then make sure you have something for them to stand on and something to cut them down with just in case something goes wrong.

Wedgie Lock tips for selfers: Like stated near the beginning of this list, being stuck sounds awesome until something goes wrong. If you’re hanging or dangling by this wedgie don’t expect to unlock the lock. Have some scissors or a chair nearby to stand on. An idea if the lock has a key is to fill an ice tray or cup with water then place the key inside it after that place the ice try or cup in the freezer and wait for the water to freeze.

Keep the ice-cube-key within reach, now you’re forced to wait for the ice to melt before you can release yourself. This is a little risky due to the vulnerability you put yourself in, if something goes wrong (parents come home, you hurt yourself) you’re stuck until you melt the ice. Use this technique with caution.
A bit of a sequel to my List O' Wedgies This list is meant to give some tips for more complicated wedgies and selfers. Hope you find it helpful :)

  • Update: 8/30 Added some advice for the Hanging Wedgie
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The only thing the material will affect is how long it takes for the underwear to rip (which is always made longer by hanging by the leg holes). If pain is the problem then you could always wear two pairs of underwear, using the outer pair to hang by. If you really just want one pair then you can use socks by placing them in the places that hurt the most (usually on the sides of the groin or around the hips).
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Hanes size 3X (look up "hanging atomic Melven" on YouTube for proof.)
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People have different results but if you want to give it a try you can wear jeans with a belt. Pull the jeans up a little and tighten the belt, it should give more pull that way but it also might not.

The Jock Lock Wedgie is known for being more humiliating than it is painful. The reason for this is because your feet are doing the pulling and the direction they pull is away from your butt and sort of down. It aims to get the victim stuck and expose their butt rather than actually wedgie them (though it does wedge a little). If you want to actually make a wedgie painful you need to pull either straight up or at a 45 degree angle so that the pressure stays inside the butt crack.
PoisonSkunkKing Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Okay. I tried it with a belt, it works pretty well. Also, I developed a good way to give yourself a hogtie wedgie. Put yourself in a regular Jock Lock, then put your hands through the back of the leg holes, then loop a belt around one wrist, but not fully tightened. Then shove your other hand through the belt (it should be a struggle to get your hand through, if it's not a struggle, it's too loose). You are now stuck in a Hogtie Wedgie. Enjoy! ;)
AmonEtzio Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013  Student General Artist
Any other tips for the atomic
AntiCherry93 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
Wearing a pair of underwear a few sizes too big seems to work well according to what other people have said. The material also matters, cotton doesn't stretch well but I think polyester does.

The best technique does seem to be stretching out the leg holes over time.
AmonEtzio Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013  Student General Artist
Ok then.
Tarjar3 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
Here's another for Hanging Wedgies.
Get a long rope and knot it on a doorknob. Then, pull the rope over the door and close it. Get up on a high chair or ladder, and tie the rope between your legholes. Now, push away the chair or jump off. You may need to get back up and make the rope tighter on the legholes so you don't touch the ground.
AntiCherry93 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Thanks, when I update I'll add that.
shadonky Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
He's working on it, not as easy as it sounds. I know him in person. Anyway, yeah, Vinnie, for our little group of friends, I took it, and saved a version with my own personal notes as ell, if you wanna see it just email me buddy. 
shadonky Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
Dude, do more stuff like this! 
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